Feb 12

Stuck? Transformation is Possible.

Stuck? Transformation is Possible.


"Looking for a way to cope with stuck places in your life, and to develop new strategies for dealing with them? With my 30 years of experience as a licensed psychologist (PSY 9561) with many books and professional articles written on healing and psychotherapy, I give you leading-edge methods to help you deal with a wide range of psychological issues. Self-healing tools from Eastern and Western traditions can reduce or eliminate medications and empower your inner healer to deal with your anxiety, depression, chronic pain, insomnia, trauma, hypertension, etc. I help you to tune in to your body so that talk therapy becomes a pathway to a felt experience of new ways of being. My approach is integrative; I adapt my approach to your unique needs.

My book Bodymind Healing Psychotherapy outlines my mind-body healing approach. I also enjoy working with couples as seen in my book Trials of the Heart: Healing the Wounds of Intimacy. I am fair and non-judgmental.”

Private Practice Brochure

I have three practice locations:

2029 Durant Ave , Berkeley Ca 94704: 510-849-2878

2084 Union St San Francisco, Ca 94123; 415-931-4888

2084 Mt Diablo Blvd, Lafayette, 94549: Phone: 925-623-3540


* I also do Bodymind Health Coaching with people at a distance through Skype.

For more information or to make and appointment Email:drmichael@drmichaelmayer.com or call 510-849-2878.